Oreo Cake

My 18 year old son loves cake and I love a challenge. I’m one of those people that loves baking cakes, but I don’t really like eating them – that’s when it’s good to have a teenage son! Most weeks I ask him what cake he’d like and he comes up with some weird and wonderful concoctions – we’ve had Strawberry Milkshake Cake, Rocky Road Cake and Chocolate Caramel to name but a few.

He asked for an Oreo Cake a couple of weeks ago so decided to bake halved Oreos into a chocolate cake mixture. I baked the cake in two large Victoria sandwich tins.

Next I added a white chocolate butter cream in large quantities!

And then added the other chocolate cake to the top before covering with a chocolate icing.

I then added chopped Oreos (I accidentally bought chocolate filled Oreos for the top instead of white filled ones, so it didn’t have the same effect, but hey…) and scattered them on the top with giant white chocolate buttons.

It was devoured in record time, so thinking that it hit the spot!