Chilli Cheese Cornbread – perfect with Chilli

My first experience of Cornbread was seeing it on Cowboy films when I was small. The bread that came in huge, cake-like slices that was enjoyed around a campfire. I always wondered what it tasted like!

Cornbread is made out of Cornmeal (Polenta). It shouldn’t be confused with cornflour or Hasa Marina (which is the type of corn used for corn tortillas. This has added lime, which makes it stick together to form a kind of dough). Cornmeal is easy enough to pick up – lots of supermarkets stock it now in the World Food section.


Chilli Cheese Cornbread

Oven 200C, 425F, Gas 7.

125g cornmeal

70g grated strong cheese

1/2tsp baking powder

1/2tsp chilli flakes

1tsp salt

200g plain yogurt

1 egg

2tblsp melted butter


In a large bowl mix cornmeal, grated cheese, baking powder, chilli flakes and salt – stir well to combine.


To the bowl, add yogurt, melted butter and egg. Mix together thoroughly.

Spoon into a well greased baking tray.


Bake in a hot oven for 20 minutes or until golden brown and risen.











Serve warm with a big bowl of chilli, rice, sour cream and cheese!




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